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Lupus Cyprus

Lupus Cyprus will celebrate Lupus Day on the 10th of May, with an interactive Workshop "WE HOLD OUR LIFE IN OUR HANDS" including
1.Presentation by a Rheumatologist "THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN DIAGNOSIS,TREATMENT AND CARE FOR LUPUS .The new medicine"
2.Presentation /discussion/sharing experiences-ideas concerning OUR LIFE WITH LUPUS-LIFE STYLE GHANGES AND NEW PATHWAYS.
3.TAI CHI exercises . Presentation of their benefits in our life by an instructor of TAI CHI as well as exercising.




Lupus Erythematodes Selbsthilfegemeinschaft e.V.

"40,000 balloons for 40,000 lupus patients“ – throughout Germany

May 3rd in Cottbus,
May 9 in Wuppertal, Hagen, Hennef, Remscheid, Hamburg-Buchholz, May 10 in Rostock

Workshops for patients:

May 3rd in Trier
May 17 in Freiburg


May 7: Rheumatologic hospital Berlin-Buch
May 10: WTC Dresden
May 31: City center of Wuerzburg (planned)

Info phone:
May 23rd in Schwerin


Lupus Foundation Germany:
May 16 and 17: 5th German Lupus Day of Science - University of Freiburg

phone: ++49 202 - 496 87 97
fax: ++49 202 - 496 87 98

Butterfly Tattoo
A short film contribution for World Lupus Day 2014, May 10th

“About one third of lupus sufferers have a rash in their face looking like a butterfly. That’s why most of the lupus organizations around the globe use the butterfly as symbol.

Like a tattoo, lupus is permanent. It’s engraving. It’s causing pain. Something you have to live with for the rest of your life.

And as a butterfly needs some time for its transformation, a person suffering from lupus needs time to accept such an unpredictable disease like lupus and to learn to cope with it.”

Simone Müller-Pretis

Myra is a German singer and producer with Filipino roots, was diagnosed with lupus after a severe flare of the disease.  For Lupus Foundation Germany, she describes her fight for accepting and coping a life-threatening disease with touching words and pictures.

This project is our contribution for World Lupus Day. Our aim is to raise and encourage awareness for lupus, and to help lupus sufferers to leave their isolation. Lupus is a rare disease in Germany, and therefore most of lupus patients keep their lupus secret.

Please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with us on following pages:

In cooperation with: Wonder Of Arts:
Waschhaus Media:


Hungarian Lupus Group

The Hungarian Lupus Group celebrates World Lupus Day by a special program. It is special in the sense that this year our event is organized not in Budapest but in Szeged in a southern university-town of Hungary. We will have lectures from doctors of course to raise awareness of SLE but because it is WLD we would like to emphasize patients' entertainment. So, they will have a chance for going for a sightseeing tour by the local train in Szeged, there will be games like pools and guests will also be offered by some sandwiches and refreshments. Our Association hopes many patients, their relatives and friends are coming to this event.



Lupus Group Ireland

LGI will be running an online campaign through FB & Twitter encouraging people to share our lupus poster and post one fact on lupus on their profile page & twitter accounts to raise awareness for lupus in Ireland!

Contact: Jessica O' Bryan
Number: 0894241203


NVLE and Lupus Netherlands

For the first time, the two Dutch organizations for lupus patients have organized a large patient congress together. A large number of professionals are participating in the program with 7 speakers, and more than 15 professionals participating elsewhere.

Name: Wereld Lupus Dag
Location: Ede, the Netherlands
Date: May 10, 2014 from 11.00 to 17.00h
More information, program and subscription (free):


Lupus Nederland



AGAL (Asociacion Galega Lupus)

Prince of Asturias, D. Felipe , is supporting lupus. He accepted the honorary committee chair of the XIII National Congress of lupus, may 17th, in Palma de Mallorca. 
SAR El Príncipe de Asturias apoya el Lupus | AGAL Asociación Galega Lupus

Amelya (Lupus Association of Madrid)

Madrid is holding a lupus meeting on the 10th May. This is the link with all the information:

Contact information

Aiblupus (Lupus Association of Balearic Islands)

The National Lupus Congress will take place in Palma de Mallorca on the 17th May. People interested in attending the meeting will be asked to enter their details in the following link:

Additional Lupus Associations in Spain

Other lupus events in Spain can be seen in this map:

Asociación Lúpicos Solidarios de Madrid (Association of Solidary Lupus Patients)

Location: Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid (a 90,000 inhabitants town 11 miles NW of Madrid, Spain)
Venue: Provided by the City Council
Purpose: Spread lupus awareness and understanding. Dispel misconceptions.
Introduction by City Councilors of Health and Social Services. Speakers, Chairwoman and Secretary of the Association. Demonstration of application of Reiki and makeup to patients.

Tel. +34 916 378 093


On May 9 and May 10th there will be held an event in Stockholm for those with lupus, suspected lupus or relatives to someone with lupus. 

The first day, May 9, will start with a welcoming. Then there will be a seminarium about experiences of lupus in different areas of life, where everyone is welcome to participate.  On May 10th there will be three lectures. Senior lecturer Iva Gunnarsson and Elisabeth Svenungsson will lecture about "Lupus during 20 years". Medicine doctor and registered nurse Susanne Pettersson will lecture about "Tiredness in lupus - the involuntary companion". Medicine doctor Ioannis Parodis will also lecture.

United Kingdom

Lupus UK

Lupus UK PosterThis year for World Lupus Day, LUPUS UK is;

  • Asking people to share our new World Lupus Day poster online and to display it in their local communities. The poster is available at
  • Holding a competition for people to ‘fill in’ the blank person on the front of our poster. The entry with the most ‘likes’ on the LUPUS UK Facebook page by the end of World Lupus Day will win a £10 Argos Gift Card. Full details of the competition can be found at
  • Encouraging our members to host a coffee morning on World Lupus Day to help raise funds and awareness for the charity. Full details on how to get involved are at
  • Posting facts about lupus throughout the day on our Facebook page and Twitter account for people to share and help raise awareness of lupus.
  • Providing posters and special colouring-in bookmarks for schools. The children will learn about lupus, then take their bookmark home for their parents to read.
  • Launching the last in a short series of videos. It looks at the techniques some patients use to manage their lupus. (The video will be uploaded on the morning of May 10th)

Telephone: +44 1708 731251

St. Thomas Lupus Trust

We will be asking all the patients and supporters to pass around this poster (pdf) and hope they will get people to put it up in their office etc and also use it as a screen saver for the day.

Contact: Angie Davidson

Hibbs Lupus Trust

The Hibbs Lupus Trust is organising the UK's first annual World Lupus Day walk! Our 2 & 5 mile walks will take you into the beautiful Cannock Chase, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Explore the beautiful landscape, wildlife and history of Cannock Chase whilst making a real difference to the lives of people living with lupus. 

If you are unable to join us at Cannock Chase, you can still take part by organising your own virtual walk with family and friends. We'll support you all the way!

For more information and to register, visit

telephone: 0800 633 5118
twitter: @HibbsLupusTrust